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 73400 Plaka, Kissamos

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Chania, Greece

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Located just 15 minutes away from Kasteli, this stunning beach is ideal for families, children as well as water sports and many more activities.  Due to it’s length the beach never gets overcrowded. Here you can also find umbrellas and snack bars for supplies

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Balos Lagoon

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A beautiful lagoon famous for its shallow clear waters and unique beauty. You can get there either by car, driving though a gravel road, or by boat on daily cruises from Kasteli which offer you the chance to also visit the nearby wild island of Gramvousa.


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This world-famous beach is located at the southwest side of Crete 45km from Kasteli. A tiny island you can get on by foot, due to the shallow waters, with amazing white and pink sand and of course beautiful clear waters.


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Just 1km away from Elafonisi this amazing beach is a great choice for those who enjoy swimming and love nature. White sand, dunes and crystal clear waters are what make this place a paradise. No facilities are nearby so make sure you are equipped with everything you need before you go.